Volunteer Den – Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar is a VFX technical director at Double Negative India Pvt Ltd. 

Bringing smiles with Bhumi 

Bhumi is full of happiness that brings joy to me every time I engage with their programmes. It is a kind of stress-buster for me. Being a volunteer for Dance programme, I learned a little bit of professional dance and got some teaching experience. Volunteering has helped me gain a very different perspective about life. Bhumi is full of positive energy that bring smiles on many faces. This gives me the deepest satisfaction that cannot be put to words.

When I started, it felt like an additional commitment; but now I  feel like it is my responsibility. The smallest things can make us happy. Making someone else happy, or helping others in learning is an experience worth cherishing.

A place of  happiness

I work as a technical director in a private company. My professional work is full of meetings, client discussions, reviews etc. Bhumi is not like that.  It is a place of social engagement, sharing knowledge and happiness. Ideas can be shared anytime with people. 

In addition, most importantly there are no deadlines. Everybody is given his or her space. Bhumi’s ‘Joy to the world’, where we fulfil kid’s wish, is one of the most joyous occasions you get to experience.

Bhumi gives me inner happiness 

Working with Bhumi I have realised that inner happiness is the key to success. I remember an instance when one day I went to take class in a different Bhumi learning centre – my first time in that centre. The kids were very enthusiastic and happy, and instantly brightened my soul. So they happened to chance upon a famous song dance video in television. And they wanted to perform the same dance. When got down to practice I was surprised that they got the whole thing right in one practice session. I conveyed the incident to my fellow volunteers. We took them to an external competition, and they got second prize in that. That inspired me and made me realise that we can do anything we want, but inner happiness is much more important to be successful.

Bhumi returned my childhood 

I am right now involved with framing syllabus for next academic year. We have been collecting inputs and ideas from all the volunteers for better interaction with kids and to make them engaged with our program throughout the year. I am also involved in fundraising for Bhumi India Run. 

My interaction with the kids, which involves delving into their perspectives, ideas, wishes and their complete little world, has led me to rethink that anything is possible. It made me a child again. I have shared so many good experiences with the volunteers, team, and the kids after joining Bhumi. I am more than happy to be a part of making this world a happier place by fulfilling kid’s wishes.

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