Volunteer Den: Vandana Motwani

An affable artist, who creates poetry through paintings. Love to canvas my soul through yoga as much I enjoy indulging in a mindful conversation. I am definitely a morning person (oh did I tell you that my morning starts from noon), Life happens and Coffee helps. An investment associate who’s aspiration is to nurture the ingenious minds of children through ART.
During my college days, I used to volunteer in NSS and Rotary club for events/activities while I was constantly looking out for an organisation to make a difference in people’s lives with a personal touch, I came across Bhumi. I joined Artoons (Arts) project as a volunteer, and later took up the role of an HR coordinator and stepped up to be part of the National Support Team member of the project.

It’s the small things in life that bring you a lot of joy, and my journey with Bhumi is full of them, starting from volunteer meetings that are very interactive and fun to plan events to meeting different likeminded volunteers who always motivate you to bring the best of you. I still remember an incident where I went to class once while having a cold, this kid came up to me and was asking what will I do once I go home, and I replied that I’d go wash my hair, eat and would go out again, for which the kid replied saying that Akka doesn’t wash your hair as you got cold which really moved me.

The journey with Bhumi has really been aspiring, it provided me a platform to hone my critical thinking and listening skills and made me feel confident about the decisions I make. These experiences supported me a lot when I took the role of primary events coordinator for Ignite Fest as I never have never taken part in an event at scale.

This journey wouldn’t have been the same without the constant support of my teammates, with whom I have made a million memories.

Thank You, Bhumi! 

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