Volunteer Den: Tanesha Agarwal

Hailing from the city of Joy, I always find happiness in little things of life. An artist whose thoughts are expressed in colours. Currently pursing my MBA in marketing, I am also a graphic designer and social media manger. Though an extrovert by nature who likes to network and connect with people, I equally like to reflect on self.

During college days I was actively part of the social services clubs and was engaged in many social activities but after college, there was a void, “The feeling of bringing some change in someone’s life”, which motivated me to pursue volunteering in Bhumi.

Volunteering in bhumi has given me a platform to grow and evolve as a leader, the activities and events motivated me into the path of leadership, where I was guided, groomed, supported and nurtured in becoming a my better self. Through my journey in Bhumi I realised “You grow by giving”.

Every moment with children is special, even little things light up their face. Once when we went to class before the vacation time, all children wanted to play and we conducted “maths race” for them to embed teaching as well as making learning more fun. The enthusiasm and energy the children had during the entire activity is one of my best memories

I envision myself to embody the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” and be an inspiration to others to lead the cause they are passionate about.

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  • Disha Surana
    August 28, 2020 at 11:40 am

    Wow!! Nicely expressed. Keep up the good work. A very good initiative and thought process. And yes i can relate to every moment with the kids is special. Good luck ❤️

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