Sudhan has been volunteering with Bhumi since 2016 and is currently the regional lead for REFRESH Project.


Tell us a little about yourself!

Hailing from Erode, a city in central Tamil Nadu, I had my graduation from MIT, Anna University and currently working as an Associate consultant in a Pharma-based company. Life has many reasons leaving us choices to select from. We are all together responsible for the society that we live in. ‘Giving back to the society’ is a responsibility of every individual in that society. I have been a part of Bhumi, one of the largest youth volunteering organization in India for the past 3 years. I have been working in the team that volunteers

  • To provide a platform to the under-privileged kids to display their talents in various fields of sports, arts, literary and cultural
  • Conduct events (Sports league for corporate companies and Marathon for public) that are used to promote the organization and in turn promote volunteering among the public; fundraise for the educational projects of the organization
  • Fulfill ‘A wish a kid’ for under-privileged kids through the corporate employees
  • To conduct orientations and recruit more volunteers into the organization to promote volunteering among youth

I have also been involved in volunteering activities in the company that I am working with. We have been involved in cloth collection drives, takings kids from the orphanages to the zoo, fulfilling kids wishes, helping with educational and sports materials for a school in a small hamlet in Vellore, tree plantation drives and volunteering for external events and blind reading.


How did volunteering with Bhumi happen?

Volunteering begins by getting inspired. Friends from school and seniors from college who were involved with many volunteering activities such as teaching under-privileged kids, village adoptions, organizing youth camps for blood donation, clean-up drives and many others are my inspiration. One of my friends from Bhumi was my inspiration to start volunteering with Bhumi


What is your strength and how does it help you as a volunteer?

I believe I have always had strong leadership skills and I am a good team player. It helps me think proactively as to what needs to be done, I can connect with people easily so that everyone in the team have work to do equally and they take more ownership


Share your experience in the event that you have been actively participating in.

Nakshatra is Bhumi’s annual event to provide a platform for children in shelter homes to interact and compete with their peers from other homes in events like literary, arts, cultural and sports. The event is conducted as zonal (at least five zones of arts, literary and culturals and two zones of sports) and Finals. Nakshatra reminds us of carnival, looking at the kids perform be it their sporting talent or their talent in arts and culturals has always given us immense joy. Their smiles at the end of the day motivates us to do more.


How has Bhumi altered you, personally?

Among the volunteering experiences that I have gained, something that struck was – do good and keep doing it often. To motivate yourself to do it, to know the reality, to give a push to someone who direly needs it, to meet people of so many different backgrounds with the same intention, to feel that your life is changing greatly because you are trying to bring one in someone’s life, everything has happened. Personally, I see myself to be more organized, public speaking no longer troubles me, I interact with more people, I keep myself more engaged and of course the satisfaction and the joy that it gives.


What keeps you motivated to continue volunteering?

To have this world as one common place for all and the addiction to happiness of giving back to the society is what motivates me to continue volunteering.


A message to every volunteer:

Let’s do it, Let’s do it more, Let’s inspire others to do too!


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