Volunteer Den – Srividya

1) How did u come to know about Bhumi?Srividya
Through a close friend of mine who was also volunteering for Lakshya.

2) Why Lakshya?
Among all the projects, Lakshya was the project I could relate to, the most. I feel that as a guide and mentor I would be able to bring out my potential as a volunteer better. It is personal opinion that life skills are very important for kids in the decision making stage of their life i.e their ninth and tenth grade and I am glad I am doing my mite to help them.

3) What do you see in – Srividya in the initial days of volunteering and Srividya today.
Initially when I joined Lakshya I was going through an introverted phase in my life; I used to feel very self-conscious and so, I was not as expressive. Now after being a part of Lakshya for 1&1/2 years and getting to meet so many positive and friendly people who have made me feel at home, I find myself to be more confident and articulative than before.

4) Life before and after Bhumi
Before Lakshya, I was working 9-6 plus excessive daily commute at the expense of my health without any satisfaction in what I was doing. I quit the job and I was more clueless than ever. I took to free lance cad drafting and when my friend suggested that I volunteer for Bhumi, I thought why not; let me give it a try. Only after joining Bhumi did I realize that the joy of interacting with children and other volunteers gave me so much satisfaction that I couldn’t get from my professional work.

5) any specific, special moment with the kids you would like to share?
I was mapped to a mentee whom I found very difficult to engage and establish a rapport with initially (possibly my inexperience). Then slowly after many a sessions towards the end of the academic year, he opened up to me telling me about his fear of the future and of his poor academic performance and he told me that he wanted me to specially meet his mother because it would mean a lot to him. At that moment I felt immensely happy knowing that I have inspired enough confidence in him to confide in me and I meant enough to him for inviting me to meet his mother.

6) T
ell us about your personal front

I am a Polymer engineer by qualification and a draftsperson by profession

7) Your message to fellow volunteers
Thanks to all the volunteers I have interacted with, for making me a better person and volunteer.



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