Volunteer Den: Srijanie Banerjee

Tell us a little about yourself!
I am Srijanie. I am pursuing my PHD in economics, working ardently for my research. Just like my name suggests, I am a very creative person who likes to indulge in painting and dancing. Dance is my escape from reality, a space for me to unleash my creativity and be happy!

Brief summary of your journey in Bhumi 
My journey in Bhumi is nothing short of a bumpy ride! Well I started off as a dance project volunteer, taking my passion for dance to young girls in a shelter home. Very soon I was handed the responsibility of leading this project in my city. Amidst all this I also got involved in different events that Bhumi organised and found myself doing immensely well in planning & organizing these events. This led to my current role as the Chapter support lead for Refresh team.

What is the one thing that Bhumi taught you in life?
Bhumi has changed complete outlook towards life! If you ask me now, I cannot imagine my life without Bhumi. The undying love that I received from the children and my fellow volunteers helped me through multiple hardships in my life. I could break my shell of being an introvert and learn to become a more confident individual all because of my work in Bhumi.

How did Bhumi help you in your social life or personal life? 
I never imagined that a place of volunteering could be so cool! I have made friends for life here in Bhumi, who have helped me learn, grow and flourish in all the different milestones of my life. I look forward to having them all as a part of my life forever!

Share any memorable experience in Bhumi  

Every experience in Bhumi is a memorable one. But there is an incident that still makes me smile. During my volunteering days in one of the centers I celebrated my birthday, the joy & happiness that I felt that day will stay with me forever.

Any achievements / remarkable footprints in your life 
Receiving the Changemaker Award has been a high point in my journey with Bhumi.

Any shoutout for your friends or fellow volunteers?
My volunteering journey started with Swkirty, she helped me understand whatever there was to about volunteering and working with children, she is now a dear friend too!One person who has been my constant is Neha Singal, her love and guidance has helped me in so many ways that I have stopped counting now! Most importantly I found a like minded friend for life in Tanesha. I will always be grateful to Bhumi for adding such beautiful people to my life.

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