Volunteer Den – Simran Rathi

Simran is a final year Computer Science Engineering student at Sinhgad Institute’s SKNCOE . 

Bhumi gave me wings

Bhumi has given me a great group of friends and a greater opportunity to be a support in the lives of children. Bhumi is always open to ideas. The volunteer-coordinators encourage any idea, be it a small treasure hunt activity at the school centre or bigger events like field trips for kids to science parks or dairy factories. 

My experience at Bhumi began as a volunteer at one of the Ignite learning centres, now managing upto 10 centres.  Bhumi helped me evolve and gave me wings. The journey feels like that of a caterpillar in a cocoon that transformed to a beautiful butterfly. I have constantly grown and tried to encourage new leaders along the way.

My most Memorable event with Bhumi

I am a Computer Science Engineering student. I joined Bhumi during my first year of college and I used to think that I am very young for this kind of responsibility. However, I realised teaching kids is a feat in itself. Moreover, I enjoyed each minute of it. 

Nakshatra 2018 was a memorable event in Bhumi, in which I was in-charge of the events. The month leading up to Nakshatra was very hectic. On the day of the event, I was running around managing all events. You realise that the efforts were worthwhile when you watch the kids smile as they participated in the events and when they received awards.

Bhumi is a magic ball of positive stories 

Last year at Christmas celebrations, I had the chance to dress up and play Santa. We distributed gifts given by Mercedes Company under Joy To the World programme. The kids taught me to believe that good things will happen and filled me up with a lot of positivity. 

Another instance would be when I was trying to teach clock and timing to kids. I taught them a song, and it went something like this – “it’s 1 o’clock and Mumma made cake. Therefore, we were eating cake for 1 hour and we did not study. Then came 2 o’clock and dad called, and 1 hour passed talking to him on the phone and I still didn’t study …” that goes on until 12 o’clock, midnight. The kids happily sang along with a passionate energy, it was such a motivation for me. Weekends are what I look forward to the most!

What I look forward to now 

Application phase for Lead Bhumi (a leadership programme for volunteers) was the most fun. All the group and individual tasks being undertaken during selection makes you feel you accomplished a lot as a student. It also gives you the confidence that you can organise and pull off any such social activities when you have a great team with similar mind-set and a whole lot of dedication. So now, grooming the next set of volunteer leaders is what I am looking forward to.

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