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Bhumi was a beautiful journey where I learnt to be a giver

My experience with Bhumi taught me to be unconditional. Kids gave me back immense love, which will always be a cherishing memory. I developed leadership quality from the roles and responsibilities I delivered at Bhumi. I am forever grateful to Bhumi for giving me an opportunity to be part of such a noble cause.

“Once a Bhumian always a Bhumian”

This is true to its bone. I was closely knitted to Bhumi family no matter where I was in the world. The days I spent with Bhumi were the best days of my life. There is no greater joy than being able to see smiles in the twinkling eyes of children. Bhumi gives the youth a powerful platform to be of service and use their potential for a noble cause and change so many lives. I would say being a volunteer at Bhumi was the biggest privilege I have ever had. So very grateful and honoured.

Love communicates more than words

Work in Bhumi never felt like work. It was moments of satisfaction and being able to go home with a happy heart. This little memory that I have from working in Bhumi brings tears to my eyes even today. It was a usual weekend and I was the only volunteer in the class that day. I was not keeping well and was down with fever. As soon as I reached the shelter home the children cuddled and ran up to me.  

I was trying my best to give a broad smile so that they didn’t sense sickness. But I guess it is difficult to hide things from children. They immediately made me sit, have some food and insisted that I didn’t work, instead go to sleep. A small gesture but it left me spell-bound.

The journey with Lakshya

I volunteered in Lakshya project which aims at mentoring kids for better life through improved life skills. It was a dedicated program to understand the issues the child faces and as mentors how do we address them and make them stronger.

When we started Lakshya in Bangalore it was just three or four of us. We didn’t have any centre where Lakshya classes could be conducted. We had to build things from the scratch. There were days when we would randomly walk on the streets hoping we would bump into a school or shelter home. Things were not easy but we didn’t give up. This led to the start of a beautiful and sustaining project in Bangalore.

Forever making people happier

I now work as a life coach at Art of Living founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar. I teach people yoga, meditation and breathing technique (Susarshan Kriya). I am also a QCI certified yoga level 2 trainer. And I am so happy making other lives happier.  

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  • Ranjan Choudhary
    March 9, 2019 at 11:39 am

    I m from Jamshedpur
    I want to know
    Bhumi had no branches in Jamshedpur /Seraikela kharswan

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