Volunteer Den – Shobana Govindarajan

Shobana is currently pursuing Bachelors degree in Mathematics. She is a passionate photographer. 

Bhumi focuses on the future of our nation 

What I respect about Bhumi is that they are very clear in their vision. Their programmes concentrate on holistic development of children and adolescents. It is an honour to be part of such a great mission. 

Bhumi inspires every day of my life

During my tenure with Bhumi, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are supportive and helpful. Beyond spending time with kids, I got a lot of valuable friends and family. My volunteering days are the best days of my life. It has given me a lifetime of memories. Every day is an inspiration for me when it comes to Bhumi. 

I love Little Einsteins – Mathemics

I hate maths but I love Little Einsteins – Mathematics. It is not because LEM is my subject. The reason why I love being part of BHUMI’s LEM programme is the class that is assigned to me. These children are like a family to me.

I am also a passionate and professional photographer. I do capture any kind of events all over Tamil Nadu.

When I can see change unfold 

When I was volunteering, I had a group of children to be taken care of. One child did not cooperate with any one. But I managed to handle him. When everyone got tired of him, I told myself that I will be very kind. I thought so because I realised he is my responsibility. I decided to change him and teach him. To my surprise, the entire year went very well.

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