Volunteer Den: Satheesh S

SatheeshA little about yourself (origin, education, past work experiences)
Hi! I I’m Satheesh, born and brought up in Udumalpet which is about 75km away from Coimbatore. I completed my schooling in Udumalpet then I went to Erode for Engineering which is my passion. Now I am working as an Engineer in Coimbatore.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen (including beginning, which project you volunteered for)?
After my graduation I was doin
g the teaching activity in a home near my house. One day I have taken my friend to the center for a visit. Later a child asked me why my friend was not interested to teach them. That was the incident which has changed my whole life. I know I am motivated and inspired to do social service activities. I wanted to inspire others to do these activities. Hence I thought of joining an NGO through which I can work with many people and can make an impact in the society. My college junior who is a part of Bhumi told about its activities and initiatives. Luckily Bhumi has started its activities in Coimbatore in this that year only. I visited the website and understood the actual happenings in Bhumi and registered for orientation immediately. After orientation program, I am associated with Little Einstein Science and Hi5 projects in Coimbatore.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?
Patience is the one important thing which everyone needs in this current scenario. I have learnt this art of being patient. Whatever be the situation I can understand it and respond accordingly. All these experience makes me a good decision maker in my life.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian.
One of the most memorable incident in my life as Bhumian happened when we have taken the children to the science trip for the science museums and felt the happiness of each child in their smiling faces.

Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration for you?
Every volunteer who I meet in Bhumi is an inspiration to me in different ways. To be specific, Karthik is a good positive inspiration for me as he always tries to do something more than everyone can and he never wants to bunk the classes or other activities for his personal life. If one ask him which is the top priority between personal life and social work, his instant reply will be social work for sure.

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?
I was giving a lecture on “How to face the board examination and its results” to the SSLC and HSC students in the home where I am teaching. After telling many true incidents which happened in my life, one student had tears in her eyes. I was the only person to notice it. I did not want to stop the session and I continued. Once the session was over I had a chat with her regarding that, I came to know that she was also facing similar kind of problems like me, I told her few tips to overcome those difficulty. This was a very touching moment for me as it never happened in my previous lectures to many other students.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi
We are all volunteering to make our society a better place to live. We should understand that big things cannot be done in a single day and each of our small contributions everyday will make it big in one day for sure. So keep yourselves motivated and start doing the small work and enable to move forward.

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