Ronil has been volunteering with Bhumi since 2015, currently leading the Little Einstein Science Project nationally. 


Tell us a little about yourself! 

I am a hard working and enthusiastic individual who loves to volunteer. I have been volunteering for over six years now and was introduced to volunteering back in college. I feel education is one of the most important pillars in eradicating poverty from our country.

I currently work as a Manger with American Express in the Data & Strategy domain.


How did volunteering with Bhumi happen?

Prior to joining Bhumi, I was with Lions Club where I volunteered for three years during college. After that, once I got placed, I moved to a different city and stepped into a new life. After almost 2 years of experience, I decided to volunteer again and started searching NGOs based on the kind of work they did. I came across Bhumi and immediately decided to join the team. Frequent orientations happening in Bhumi gives people chance to volunteer for different causes.


What is your strength and how does it help you as a volunteer?

I am a passionate individual and whatever assignment or work I take up, I ensure that I give my 100% to complete it within stipulated timelines. I am responsible as a volunteer who has helped in organizing various events, managed them properly to get the maximum impact out of it. I am good at making strategies which has helped understand the  issues at grass root levels in the city and thus I have worked with my team to resolve those issues by making a proper plan.


Share your experience in the event that you have been actively participating in.

I joined Bhumi in 2015 and since then it’s been a great journey. I always look forward to Bhumi weekends. The kids whom I teach have now become like a family. Their conversations will leave you wondering how strong and imaginative they are. They talk to you about their family, friends, interests, the time you spend with them makes you realize that happiness is in whatever you get. These projects not only to help kids but also to improve your personality as well. There are days which might be emotionally heavy but at the end of it when you see them progressing, you know it was all worth it.

Apart from that I have also been involved in Catalyse events as well as Refresh events(Nakshatra and Joy to the World). I have organized lot of Catalyse events to mobilize more and more volunteers for ex Tree plantation, Blood donation etc. Even started Seva Sandwich drive in Delhi which was a huge success.


What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?

I have improved my leadership skills and being with Bhumi has actually helped in managing my time better. It specially helped in organizing various events and made me more responsible individual. I have become more humble and a confident.


What keeps you motivated to continue volunteering?

The best time of my week is during the weekend, when I spend time with kids. Their curiosity to learn is just amazing. The motivation comes from when you see how you can create an impact their lives. There is a feeling of satisfaction which keeps you motivated and makes you want to come to shelter home every week. You make best of the friends here because you get to meet lot of like-minded people.


Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?

There are many special moments with kids, but one that I could mention is of Nakshatra. Nakshatra is Bhumi’s Annual Inter cultural talent fest. Volunteers are involved in the preparation and lot of hard work goes into it. When we started working we were not sure of how the event would turn out to be, will it live up to the expectations of the kids, will the kids enjoy that one day they get to participate in such events. On the D-Day we were so happy to see the kids having a great time, dancing on the songs, singing, showing their talents, their faces glowing with so much of energy, their willingness to participate in more and more events. After the events when the results were announced, kids were running to the stage to grab the awards. That was probably the best day of my journey so far. I had this feeling of satisfaction like I have a achieved a milestone.

Apart from that I felt great when the kids whom I have been teaching for 3 years cleared the Diploma exam  last year and got into government colleges. That’s was a proud moment for me.


A message to every volunteer:

Volunteering is a great experience and everyone should take out some time to do the same. If you sometime feel demotivated, you should always look up to your peers or someone who has been doing this for long and should talk to them.

Volunteers should also have to be very careful about the psychological and emotional well-being of kids, ensuring that their privacy is protected.

Instead of thinking that you have to go and teach kids every week you should always think what new you would learn from kids and trust you will learn a lot from them plus the kind the kind of satisfaction you would get is beyond words.

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