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  1. RomeoHow did you come to know about Bhumi? and what made you become a part? BHUMI! BHUMI!! WHAT IS BHUMI ?? was a million dollar question in my college. I am a student of Saranathan. Later, I came to know that, it is an NGO brought to Trichy by Lakshmi Narayanan and Ranjani and that are going to work for kids who are in need of knowledge not money. Also, the tag line CHANGE TODAY, CHANGE TOMORROW inspired me and before I knew, I was already a part of it.
  1. Why Lakshya? Two reasons. One – No specific syllabus… This gives more space for own ideas… and second reason – mentoring…
  1. How has the program altered you, personally? Lakshya made me think from the kid’s perspective to understand how I can fulfill their needs. And this is what i started doing at home, as well. Thinking from my parents’ perspective before I do something. Now, they say – “ROMIO VARA VARA ROMBA PORUPPA IRUKAN “ 😛 Guess that is the best thing to hear from parents.
  1. Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us? How can I name just one? Every day is special and I am enjoying each and every moment with kids and my fellow volunteers.
  1. Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration? Lakshmi Narayanan my inspiration. He has such a timing and  problem solving ability that can handle any situation at any given time.
  1. A note about your personal front (education, job, hobbies, passion etc) As per the now famous saying, “Indians first become Engineers and then figure out what they want to become”. A budding Mechanical engineer by degree, I want to become an IAS officer and I’m working hard for it. Hope I’ll get through.
  1. A special message to your fellow volunteers Work with all your heart to your satisfaction ..when there is conflict between your heart and mind just listen to your heart. Though it is on the left side, it is always right. Let us all be good and do good!!!

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  • Jeyapriya K
    January 19, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Personally, I have seen Romio take initiatives in leading the group, taking a front while the rest of my class is in utter confusion of what’s next. No wonder where he had inculcated his responsibilities (From Bhumi). I have heard a lot about Bhumi, a very great initiative for the right cause. Keep rocking and best wishes Romio!

    -Jeyapriya K

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