Volunteer Den: Rohit Kharat

A little about yourself!
I’m an IT professional, currently working in Mumbai. I’m an outgoing person, an animal lover, and a traveler. I am also a tech enthusiast with a background in working for different IT sectors. 

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen?
My friend was going to attend a Bhumi orientation and urged me to come along. I joined him only to understand what volunteering is all about, and how these orientations happened? But the tables turned and as you can see there is no going back ever since!

Your journey in Bhumi
I joined Bhumi last year and my first volunteering activity was to clean up the beach, I am still pursuing this as my ongoing volunteering initiative. I was also a part of Bhumi India Run, Nakshatra Arts & Nakshatra Sports too. I’m currently the HR coordinator for the Mumbai Catalyse team. The journey has been pretty awesome since I can see the impact and change being brought in by my volunteering efforts. 

The one thing that Bhumi taught you in life
I was a very self-centered person earlier, Bhumi has truly helped me in looking beyond myself and serving society. My motivation to join Bhumi was to share my learning with other young minds. I’m a creative person and wanted to impart this creativity to others too. While I believe academics are important, I have always been a proponent of its practical applications & wanted more people to understand how implementing these can result in big changes just like our beach clean up drives in Mumbai. 

A memorable experience in Bhumi
My first animal welfare activity in Bhumi was a memorable experience. The animal shelter had this dog called War, and everyone was afraid and kept their distance from him because we were warned about him being big in size & aggressive nature. But this actually increased my curiosity about him & I just went and put my arms around him, surprisingly he remained calm throughout, that moment is something I will never forget. I have had many such amazing moments in Bhumi, including the leadership workshop called Beacon+ with my fellow volunteers. 

Any achievements
I recently completed 100+ volunteer hours in Catalyse, for me that’s a big achievement. I have started thinking more consciously about the society which I think is pretty remarkable.

A special moment with children or volunteers you would like to share with us
My project coordinator Jaya and I often disagree with many things! But these constructive conflicts and differences in opinions have led us to see the bigger picture. We can maximize impact because of the different perspectives we have in organizing the same event. Jaya has now turned out to be one of my closest friends, while we still have our fair share of disagreements, we both are happy to see how the volunteering initiative organized by us are bringing some actual change. 

Also, a big shout-out to the people who have always supported me – Sanket Mendon, Sanket Shah, Aniket Prabhudesai, and the entire Catalyse team!  You know I love you guys!

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  • December 22, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    ROHIT, We all love you, your nature and your behaviour….. Your curiosity and enthusiasm are awesome …… You are role model for all of us…. We feel proud to have such a great friend … You have a big heart… We love you ….

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