Volunteer Den – Rathika V

Rathika V is currently pursuing Masters degree in Human Resources and Organization development. 

Bhumi is a pillar of support for volunteers with dreams 

Volunteering with Bhumi helped me explore and enhance the interest that I have in teaching and the soft skills that is required for workplace. It has been a great learning experience where I discovered the capabilities that I possess in terms of commitment, leadership, networking, planning and execution. I feel that I am corporate ready now by gaining all these skills just in 2 years. The freedom to explore and experiment with the ideas and interests that volunteers have is something Bhumi always supports especially on the field.

Bhumi taught me to live with a purpose 

Bhumi helped me identify and develop life principles that I would always cherish, preach and follow. The experience helped me understand the value of the terms “Priority, Commitment and Courtesy”. Any activity in our lives falls under any one of these heads. And these are the driving force for us to live – think about it, embrace it.

I came to serve as I was having a tough time with my professional student life. Bhumi was something I looked forward to every weekend. The opportunities and exposure that I had with bhumi is different and something that I wouldn’t have experienced in any-other means.

Bhumi changes lives for better 

Doing the best in what you are doing and making a difference in a kid’s life is what every volunteer is looking out for. Usually this is an implicit process and takes a while to see the impact on the child’s life. One small incident which made me happy for making a difference was when I identified that one of the kids in my center had eye issues and was finding it hard to draw. I enquired and found out that she has genetic eye sight issues. I reported this to the management and immediately she got it checked and bought specs thus making her study and other activities a lot easier. This incident will remain close to my heart. Within your scope, pay attention to details and try to create an impact and make a difference in their life. It will mean a lot to those kids.

We face ups and downs, but Bhumi teaches you to stick together 

I volunteer in Artoons (Arts programme). The volunteer team face ups and downs, but still stick together and keep the vibes going. We work as a team trying to make Arts as a subject of choice and a scope of study in future for the children. We always explore new ways of delivering the best of this subject to the children to ensure that they are most benefited (‘art therapy’ for example).

I am an artist, but never knew that I can teach this to children. This gave me a lot more confidence to become a teacher in future. Special thanks to my team in Bhumi for helping me discover this talent. The kind of work that I am engaged in is volunteering and heading the Operations role of Artoons in Chennai. Bhumi is a great place to put your leadership skills for a test!

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