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A little about yourself
I was born and brought up in Hyderabad.I pursued my B.tech degree from Aurora Technological and Research Institute. As a student I used to actively take part in all kinds of sports. I am very interested in social service. During my college days, I used to visit Orphanages and Oldage homes.My hobbies are writing diary, listening to music, reading newspaper and designing my dresses.My diary is my best friend in the world.Recently I became a remember of an animal welfare organization as one of my aims is to help stray dogs. I hope I can give my best to Bhumi and animal welfare organization.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen?
Our passion would knock our door or come in our way only once or very rarely in our lifetime. It is true in my life too. My introduction to Bhumi was in the year November 2008. But I couldn’t follow my passion because of personal reasons – semester exams. As I believe in constant struggle in achieving something, I was a regular follower of Bhumi programs. As I was occupied with studies, exams and immediate job responsibility, I couldn’t make it .My dream of joining Bhumi came true in the year 2014. I started volunteering with the Little Einstein Maths project.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally
Life was never meant to easy; it is a constant struggle with extreme lows and highs. My experience with Bhumi has taught me so many things. To name a few:  strength, responsibility and giving back to society. My role in Bhumi has taught me to be very responsible at the time of need. When a volunteer in my group wasn’t able to go to a class, I took it upon myself and fulfill their share of work. I had to learn to manage time as I had to spend time with the other group of children too. I used to walk 3 to 4 km from the bus stop to the JSM centre as there was no public transport to the centre.This has taught me not to give up at any point of time.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian:
One most memorable incident which is unforgettable till today is:  It was another regular day and I was on the way to the center for my LEM class. I started at 2 pm from my house, it was a cloudy day and it was already drizzling. But I did not to break my regular schedule. So, I went ahead. It was 7 pm when I checked the clock after completing the class and it was raining heavily. It was very dark and I wanted to return home. As I mentioned earlier, there is no public transport available and I need to walk across a calm road surrounded by fields and waste lands around. I was walking all alone on the dark road with absolutely no one around. There were no street lights too. I walked for half an hour in the dark and silent road. At last I reached the bus stop. The journey that day was unforgettable. It also made me realize my strength that I can withstand any sort of condition at any point of time. 

Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration for you
Sometimes a minute thing may turn out to be an inspiration to us. I would like to state Nauman shareef and Yesasvi stood as an inspirational Bhumians to me. Nauman’s introductory classes on pedagogy (with different methods of innovative teaching) inspired me and created awareness and interest of how to make the children create and develop understanding capabilities. Yesasvi is also a person who guided me in taking classes effectively. He was always there to clarify my doubts and make my journey easy.                              

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?
Taking part in their birthday celebrations and playing games with them are very special moments. The love and they share. There was an incident which I would to like share. Sometimes children return from the church the same time I walk to reach the center and whenever they see me on the way they stop their van. And even though the van is congested they made space for me so I do not have to walk the distance to reach the center. They call me”AKKA” with full of affection. 

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi:
Never give up even if you face obstacles in your life.You have to achieve it. It has proven true in my case. The moments as a Bhumian remain as unforgettable moments, something to cherish throughout our lifetime.

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  • Nishanthini
    July 6, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Wow.. Hats off. This is very inspiring.

  • Lalitha
    July 8, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Cpongrats to every Bhoomi Volunteer, I would like to join dis kind of…bt I dont have proper communication skills to communicate to others.. But am aable to pickup… So, give an opportunity as a volunteer.. I hope u people willllllllll

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