Volunteer Den – Niranjana Devi

Niranjana Devi S is a post-graduate in Biotechnology.

My journey with Bhumi will never end 

The biggest personal benefit for me from volunteering is my satisfaction and happiness when I help others. Bhumi gave me that opportunity to serve others in a significant manner.

I have been in Bhumi for past 5 years. It’s really a wonderful experience that I can’t express with words alone but can be seen by my journey in Bhumi that will never end.

My motivation factor is every parent’s dream for their children

As I am working for the RTE (Right-To-Education Act) project with Bhumi, I used to spend time with parents more than kids. Their dreams for children’s future triggered me to work harder. Bhumi gives you a space to understand people and their everyday lives. 

The cause of equal education for all

I now mostly work with the RTE awareness program. Many people benefit hugely from this programme. But that’s not all. There are lot of people who are let out. So we need more volunteers to work with us. I am now a co-ordinator for the RTE team. It gives me immense pleasure to be part of Bhumi for such a noble cause like education.

The programs and events conducted by Bhumi always adhere to its root belief and the cause of equal education for all. This is inspiring for youngsters like us to contribute more to the society. 

When children get an acceptance letter from their dream schools 

There are many positive stories that I had come across while working with Bhumi. Many kids have got acceptance letters from the admission committee of their dream schools; such are celebratory moments for us and their families.  And that’s not all, some children had went ahead to top their classes and extracurricular activities. Their parents speak proudly about their children’s achievement and had thanked us for the support. They also helped make RTE reach to other parents, creating awareness in their neighbourhood.

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