Volunteer Den: Md Danish, Kolkata

I have immense love for anything even closely related to food. All I need is a scrumptious breakfast to start the day, some lunch which is beyond delicious, and dinner that is able to make up for all the hardships of the day. Just like food, I am extremely passionate about whatever I choose to do in life. 

Journey in Bhumi 

Currently, I am the project coordinator of Lakshya (life skills) in Kolkata. I  joined Bhumi in 2016 when my friends Charu & Radhika who were already volunteering at that time suggested I too started. I had a strong desire to bring a change around me and also grow into a better person – so I decided to join. I chose the life skills project because it suited my skills. I knew I could work on children’s communication and personality development. 

In a brief period of time I became so attached to the children that in spite of my difficult working hours, I never missed a single class. In fact, there were times when I did multiple classes during the day and felt really satisfied at the end of it all. 

One thing that Bhumi has taught me

Bhumi has given me the platform to ideate and lead missions whereby I can make society a better place. I am a more confident individual now and my time-management skills have improved considerably. I have developed a good network of people, who have also become friends for life!

Many centers ask me to motivate children just by speaking to them, this was only possible because Bhumi provided me the right platform. I am incredibly grateful to Bhumi for these opportunities.

Bhumi helped me identify and develop life principles that I would always cherish, share and practice. The experience has helped me understand the value of priority, commitment and much more. 

An interesting experience at Bhumi  

I have got so many memories in Bhumi, it’s difficult to share just one!

The children who were earlier timid and hesitant to speak in front of others have transformed into confident teenagers. Seeing this drastic change I feel proud and worthy. 

Nakshatra 2019 was memorable. Although the month leading up to Nakshatra was very hectic, on the day of the event, I was completely occupied with managing all events. I was really tired by the end of the day but it all looked worthwhile when I saw the smiling faces of the children bidding us goodbye and showering us with love and honour.  

Your achievements 

Receiving the 100% volunteer Award and Bhumi Changemaker award was a remarkable milestone in my Bhumi journey. It felt good to be appreciated for all the efforts that I put into my volunteering, I will cherish these moments forever. 

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