Volunteer Den – Jeyanth Kanagaraju

Project in Bhumi : Catalyse – Riding for a Cause, and Refresh

Volunteering period : 07/17 – present

No. of rides taken part in : 7 rides


Tell us a little about yourself : I am from Tamil Nadu, currently living in Bengaluru. I am working in Oligarcy Software Services as Web Developer. I like to watch movies and sometimes I draw. I love volunteering for a good cause.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen?

I am from an village near Trichy and registered to become a volunteer for Bhumi in Trichy. I couldn’t volunteer regularly because of the two and half hour ride to reach Trichy from my place. I shifted to Bengaluru in July 2017, for my job. At the time, I heard from my colleague Pavish that he is a volunteer at Bhumi and he regularly volunteers for various events. I got excited about Bhumi being in Bengaluru! From that time, I have been volunteering at Bhumi. I first volunteered for the event Nakshatra 2017 – annual talent fest for children from shelter homes. Since then I have been volunteering for almost all the events conducted by Refresh (Events) and Catalyse (Civil welfare initiatives).

Share your experience in ‘Riding for a cause’ event.

I have been riding with the team since the second ride. The rides so far have been for the cause of village development (at Vittasandra village) and I missed no ride till now. In every ride, I learned something new by myself and from others. Riding bicycle for a longer distance with such group has been my long time wish. I hardly rode one after my school days. After, I came to know about ‘Riding for a cause’ event organised by Bhumi, I was so eager to join, as the team goes on the volunteering trip monthly once, for a good cause. So, I bought a cycle and regularly volunteering in the event till now. I earned some good friends from the event. The most important of all is I learned how to lead, through the process I follow for developing a village in every possible way. Some of the initiatives we have taken at Vittasandra village are waste segregation and health awareness campaigns.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?

I have personally evolved with a nature to work for a more green, healthy world. I am more inclined to helping people in need, for them to have a better life. This is in fact my long-time wish and I was doing my part in a very small manner when I got chance. After I joined Bhumi, I am contributing to public welfare more regularly and in a big way. That itself makes me really happy. Also, volunteering has changed my lifestyle in many ways and my communication skills are getting improved here at Bhumi.

Tell us about one bhumian, who has been an inspiration?

After I joined Bhumi, I have seen and learnt many good things from each volunteer I met. Each one of them are good in something which inspires me. So, it is not one, but every Bhumian, who inspires me.

Any specific special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?

Every moment that I volunteered is special to me. In Refresh events, it is always special when children smile, and I am one of the volunteers who brought smiles in their faces.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi.

You are doing good. Keep volunteering for good cause.

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