Volunteer Den – Himanshu Khatri

Project in Bhumi: Kanini

City: Delhi

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am just another inquisitive and empathetic human being who has hopes and dreams to make something of his life. I study Aerospace Engineering and aspire to be like Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen? (Including beginning, which project you volunteered for)?

I volunteered for Kanini (Computer Education) right from the start. I wanted to devote some part of time for betterment of the lesser fortunate part of our society. I chose computers because it is a very important skill to have in this time, because technology has taken over the world by storm in the past two decades.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?

 I developed as a human being because my students taught me how to appreciate small things in life.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian

The students I was assigned were unmotivated in the beginning. It used to take quite a long time for them to assemble. But eventually, they started assembling for the class before the time. And that’s when I was able to see that I could really make an impact.

Tell us about one Bhumian, who has been an inspiration

 Varun Khunger is a Bhumian I really respect. He was working a very difficult job and still managed to take every class. He also developed a good rapport with the children.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi

Keep working for the common goal. It all works out in the end. You will get there eventually. Be persistent and patient. The gratitude that you might feel is natural.

 Quick picks about you

  1. Passionate about: Electronic and hip hop music.
  2. When are you the happiest: When I feed anyone; because I like to cook
  3. Characteristic you admire the most in others: Spontaneity
  4. One thing that you want to change in this world: Income gap
  5. Secret talent or any interesting fact about you: I like to DJ






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