Volunteer Den: Himani Talati

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a Computer Science engineering student. I love travelling and meeting new people. Apart from being an adventurist I am also a lover of books and very often you can find me tucked away in a corner of the local book shop with a good book and lots of chocolates around me.

I wish to instill the love of learning in children by expanding on their own curiosity and inquisitiveness.

A brief summary of your journey in Bhumi.

My journey in Bhumi has been a good ride with never a dull moment. There is always something exciting to take up.

I started with Little Einstein Mathematics as a volunteer moving on to Project Coordinator and then to take up the National Support Team for the project , every moment has been memorable and taught me something new.

Being with kids, bringing smiles on their faces and satisfying their curiosity and helping them learn has been the best part of the journey.

Getting to know fellow volunteers and expanding my network has been the icing on the cake.

 What did Bhumi teach you? What is the one thing Bhumi has taught you in life?

Bhumi has given me a platform to explore, convert my thoughts into reality, learn by my experiences and evolve as a leader. Be it sharing teaching ideas with fellow volunteers, understanding different perspectives, learning from kids or self reflecting on certain issues where I went wrong and learning from those mistakes ,it has definitely been a new learning at every step.

Your memorable experience in Bhumi.

There have been many such experiences.

One that stands out in my memory goes back to 2018.

I was teaching basic addition to my group of children. They started counting with their fingers till they ran out of their fingers. I then introduced the concept of digits and their unit places and taught them a much simpler way. Seeing this their faces brightened and lapped up the novel method with great enthusiasm.

The children’s’ energy coupled with their excitement and curiosity to learn new things is what keeps me wanting to do and give my best for them.

Shoutout to your friends and fellow volunteers.

You can make things happen. You are in control of the change that you wish to see.

Bhumi gives you a platform to create that change. Utilize it to the fullest, create an impact in some one’s life and change it for the better.

Wordsmith: Subhadra Ilan- Intern, Bhumi

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