Volunteer Den – Divya Bharathi

Divya Bharathi1. Why Bhumi?
Bhumi is a place where things really happen. To contribute to the society and motivate poor young kids, all you have to do is become a volunteer at Bhumi – a very simple task indeed, but the impact that it creates is huge! Even before you realize you are actually volunteering, you will be given responsibilities that will be changing someone’s life in every way possible.

2. You had a recent switch to LE Science now. Why is that?
Science is the only reason for why and how our lives are getting easier day by day. Understanding the concepts are not easy, but once you get to know about it, there is no limit to what you can do. That’s why I chose LE Science where kids can be taught the basic scientific concepts that will surely change their lives one day!

3. Tell us about your first day as a volunteer and the initial challenges you faced. Also, how did you overcome them?
I still remember my first day as a volunteer. I was a Math Volunteer at SISTWA, Saidapet, which was very close to my home and I had no idea of what I should be doing exactly. I didn’t know how my fellow volunteers would be and most of all, how the kids would react on seeing this girl (me). But to my surprise, as soon as I went there the kids came running towards me, asking me my name and started playing with me instantly as if they knew me for weeks. The kids were so enthusiastic. Apart from that, my fellow volunteers were so friendly and I felt loved. SISTWA, being my very first center will always remain very close to my heart.

Challenges: At first, there were not many games or kits. We just had plain Mathematics classes, and we made it a point to keep it as interactive as possible. We handled 6th, 7th and 8th grades where the girls owing to their age, lost interest in studying and showed more enthusiasm towards movies and songs. When we started getting close, I started explaining the importance of studies and how it helps us in getting good grades and scores. I could see a slow change in their approach to education. And then, needless to say! When LE Maths changed its course to 1st to 5thgrades with the new kits and games, it took the whole project to the next level.

Other challenges that I am still facing: Managing the kids and getting them involved for classes, motivating them, developing their self confidence and building up their talents. Still working on it and I am sure to find a solution soon!

4. Life before and after Bhumi
Life before Bhumi: Not worthy
Life after Bhumi: Added a meaning to my life. From being a lazy, inactive and a normal person, to someone who is socially responsible, committed to work, building relationships and helping others out.’

5. Any specific, special moment with kids you would like to share with us?
Yes. When I met a small girl who was so determined and passionate! She talked to me about her family and how she used to wait so much for the weekends just to see her mom. A girl who is not drawn by price tagged materials, but by knowledge, love and affection! Being so innocent, she always asks me to help her out in becoming a good person with a good job so that she could help her mom, who works very hard. This was something that made me realize I have almost everything in my life and I just have to use them in a right way.

6. What do you apart from Bhumi?
I’m from Chennai, currently in my final year Biomedical Engineering at SSN. I love to have friends and hang out with them all the time. A candy crush lover, little of Kathak dancer, more of a Kuthu dancer! And really working hard to find out the other inborn talents in me 😛

7. A message to your fellow volunteers.
Just love what you do. Keep in mind that you are actually someone who can change the life of the kids you are handling! Take it serious, commit yourselves, take responsibilities and most of all, take time to do these little things with all your heart and don’t do it just for the sake of doing!



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