Volunteer Den – Dinesh

Briefly tell us about the first time you were engaged with Bhumi.
I was enrolled as a child in Kanini (Computer) project back in 2008. I was excited and curious at that time. Even though I had seen a computer before, I never had the opportunity to use one. Bhumi volunteers taught me to use computer for the first time. I was able to learn quickly, and gained interest and enthusiasm because of their teaching methodology.

How did the learnings of Bhumi help you with your higher studies?
Due to my family’s financial situation, it was doubtful that I could study beyond class 10. But the volunteers pointed out my heightened interest in computer and advised to continue my education. I decided to take up a diploma course with my Class 10 exam marks. Though many people suggested to take up electrical engineering, I opted for computer engineering in a polytechnic college following my interest. After I started with my diploma, Bhumi volunteers gifted me the necessary course books. I did not study diploma for the sake of marks or for a certificate. I wanted to gain in-depth knowledge in computer science and understand concepts to the extent that I should be able to teach others and share my knowledge.

I was encouraged further to pursue higher studies and suggested that I take educational loan and study. I completed my engineering because of the confidence and motivation entrusted in me by the Bhumi volunteers. I will proudly say that Bhumi will always be a part of my life.

How are you associated with Bhumi now?

Bhumians inspired me and provoked my thoughts to help children study, just like they helped me. In 2011, once I started studying engineering, the volunteers suggested that I can start volunteering. I took classes for children whenever I had time. I found a new happiness when I started teaching as I realized the impact that I was making. Besides teaching about computers, children were able to relate to me; Me being  a government school boy who brought about a change in my life made them understand that they can also do the same in their future.

I am more than elated to say that I have been inspired by Bhumians and that I have brought inspiration to children as well. I am glad to be a part of this family now. My association with Bhumi has become a habit; I will continue to volunteer for long.

Tell us about your future goals.
First, I wish to be a successful software engineer and second, I wish to fulfill my childhood dream of helping underprivileged children. Given my current family circumstances, I plan to work hard and earn a livelihood for my family for which I am looking for a good job. Once I achieve this, I will pursue with teaching children happily and peacefully.

Your message to fellow Bhumians and volunteers.
Bhumi volunteers give a drive and motivation to many children more than mere education. Inspirations create a lasting impact. I wish to hear more stories such as mine, a student turned volunteer and an aspiring successful person. Thank you Bhumi!


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