Volunteer Den: Bharathy Ravichandran

About yourself 

I am Bharathy Ravichandran, an engineering graduate working in IQUIA as a Product Developer.

I’m passionate about coding and solving problems. I love socializing and meeting people and getting to know about their lives and culture.

At present, I am studying for an MBA (part-time) in Technology Management.

Work profile in Bhumi

My journey in Bhumi began as a volunteer and now I am leading the Bengaluru chapter.

I started as a volunteer in Bhumi’s catalyst program when I was in college and gradually became an active volunteer.

I took up as a Lead for the Right to Education (RTE) project in 2017 and started leading the Catalyst Bengaluru team from 2018 onwards.

What has volunteering in Bhumi taught you?

Bhumi has helped me to transition from being an introvert to an extrovert. It has taught me to look beyond myself and serve society at large.

How has Bhumi helped you in your social/ personal life?

Volunteering in Bhumi expanded my network to a large extent. I have met amazing people from different walks of life who have inspired and motivated me to work for a noble cause.

I can never forget the lessons I have learned on this journey in Bhumi. I have made many friends for life here.

How has Bhumi altered / changed you personally?

My communication skill has improved considerably. Interpersonal skills, team bonding too has improved. And not to forget leadership. Today thanks to Bhumi I can lead a team fearlessly.

Bhumi has given me the space to experiment with new ideas, reflect and look back, learn by practice, and understand the outcomes.

Memorable experience in Bhumi

Volunteering in Bhumi for a cause is itself a memorable experience. The satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from helping another human being cannot be expressed in words. The happiness you get knowing you have made a difference in people’s lives is overwhelming.

I continue to grow every day with the experiences and the opportunities that I get from every moment that I spend for Bhumi in volunteering.

My achievement 

Though I have received a couple of awards and recognition from Bhumi for my work, I sincerely believe that the happiness I derive from a volunteering activity and the impact that I create in people’s lives through Bhumi is my biggest achievement.

The one special moment

Every moment or activity that I get involved in, in Bhumi is special and unique.

One such was during a Care for Elders event in Daan Utsav 2018. It was the first time that we planned to visit an elder’s home along with children from a shelter home to celebrate the joy of giving with games, gifts, and lunch for all. Lots of young positive happy faces brought smiles on the elders’ faces and the children too enjoyed the feeling of being in their company just like a grandparent.

This event gave us the initiative to start a new project called Care for Elders in Bengaluru. It is one of the most remarkable projects of Bhumi which has created an impact, success stories, and happiness to be cherished forever.

Shoutout to your friends and fellow volunteers

We are all responsible for the situation of the world we are in today and it is our duty to ensure nature and humanity stay as best as possible.

Let’s connect & do more by inspiring potential volunteers to lead.

Wordsmith: Subhadra Ilan- Intern, Bhumi

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