Volunteer Den – Balakrishnan R

Bala1. Why Bhumi? Why Little Einsteins?
I personally believe that through proper education we can find solution for most of the problems in our country. I came to know about Delhi Bhumi project during Delhi Nakshatra 2012 event. I was pretty impressed the way the event was conducted and registered as volunteer. And since I felt comfortable with Maths, Little Einsteins was a natural choice.

2. Tell us about your first day as a volunteer and the initial challenges you faced. Also, how did you overcome them?
On first day, I was scared that how I am going to make a good impression( Since I am not good with Hindi). Once we reached, kids sorrounded us and asked questions like they had met me before and with the help of other volunteers answered the questions. End of the day, I felt the difference in myself

3. Life before and after Bhumi
It simply changes the way you look at things.

4. Any specific, special moment with kids you would like to share with us?
I felt really happy, when an other volunteer told me that I have a secret admirer in my kid. Also, any outing with kids is always special and makes our bond stronger.

5. A note about your personal front.
Education: I am an engineering graduate from St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering,Chennai.
Job: Working as a Software Engineer at CSC India Pvt Ltd.
Hobbies: Playing Ball Badminton game, Reading books, Pencil drawing and currently trying to learn to play Harmonica.

6. A message to your fellow volunteers.
Be honest to yourself.

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