Volunteer Den – Avanti Jain

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a chartered accountant by Profession. I am currently working with Morgan Stanley as a liquidity funding controller. I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. I volunteer with Bhumi since December 2016. Currently I am Project Coordinator for Little Einstein Mathematics (LEM).

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen? (Including beginning, which project you volunteered for?)

I joined Bhumi out of nowhere. I don’t even remember where I came across a link on Bhumi Orientation. All I remember is when I attended orientation, and I was told that SPO (Engligh) hadn’t started in Mumbai. So even before I started to volunteer, I applied for the role of PC for SPO. However, after knowing even LEM needed a PC, I decided to join this project.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?

With time, I learnt a lot of things by volunteering as a Project Coordinator. Center visits made me understand what it actually takes to teach children. Bhumi taught me how to manage multiple things. I feel Bhumi is just like a Business School with a more practical approach. It gave me a platform for public speaking via orientations and inductions. In fact, it has given an open opportunity to lead and to make an impact. Overall for me it has been an immense learning forum.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian:

Association with Bhumi has brought tremendous changes in my life, be it corporate or personal. One
recent incident is the recognition within my own Company. Morgan Stanley has a policy of awarding employees who follow its core values, one of them being Giving back. Giving back is about demarcating time from your daily schedules to give back to the society. As a part of the Giving back month initiative (mostly around June) I actively led 2 GVM events – preparation of Math word problems and short stories for kids belonging to Bhumi centers. This saw an active participation of over 50 people, locking in 100 hours of GVM within finance Department (2 per employee). During the annual award ceremony, I was nominated for the Giving back category and awarded excellence in Community Service accolade. The Executive director went on to speak full length about Bhumi and in particular about my project LEM and the role performed by me within Bhumi in front of the entire finance department. It gave me not just the feeling of utmost pride to have belonged to this NGO but also the motivation to do better within Bhumi.

Tell us about one Bhumian, who has been an inspiration

My major inspiration within Bhumi is Jaya Venkatraman. She is a volunteer at Andheri center. She is highly experienced in the teaching field and has patiently helped streamline her center. I must say I am really blessed to have got few amazing volunteers within all 3 centers who helped me achieve this. 

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?

My best experience was during one Friendship day at Ignite center in Dadar. We along with the LES (Science) team distributed chocolates and friendship bands to children. There was a screening of the movie ET. I had wonderful time with all children enjoying the day.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi:

I would say never take a step back from helping others if your heart says doing that is the right thing. What goes around comes around – I mean the good Karma.

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