Volunteer Den – Ashok Raj

Ashok Raj is currently employed as a Design Engineer. 

Bhumi helps you kick start your dreams 

One of the things that I love about Bhumi is that it motivates you to get going. I have learnt to initiate projects and effectively showcase my ideas only to see them be transferred to actions soon after. The experience with Bhumi has taught me to push myself and constantly raise my bars. 

Bhumi was a great social experience 

Bhumi is a youth driven organisation, all dynamic and compassionate.  It is place where different cultures, opinions and ideas converge. Volunteering with Bhumi has been a great social experience for me. For a design engineer, this kind of exposure and interaction with the other side of the world is exciting, fun and most importantly satisfying. 

‘Lakshya’ with Bhumi 

I have been associated with Bhumi’s Lakshya (mentoring) programme for some time now. Lakshya offers its volunteers a platform to directly influence a child’s behaviour and thoughts. We get to learn a great deal about ourselves when we work so closely with children and mentor them to give wings to their hidden talents.

When kids pitch in to improve classroom techniques 

There is not a joy in the world that is greater than seeing the kids that you have been working with show a great deal of improvement. One such instance that will never fade away from my memory would be this; there was a kid who has been attending the supplementary education classes at Bhumi learning centres for about three years. One day when I went to the learning centre, I was surprised to see how he pitched in ideas to improve the teaching techniques used in class. 

Lessons from children

It is always amazing to watch how much children observe and learn from the grown-ups. What is even more exciting is that how much we can learn from children. I still remember how one day when we were playing ‘Game of Lie’, a kid just caught me as the thief by saying that I have been talking more than before in classes. Children have the gift of making elders be more responsible. 

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  • Diya Ghosh
    May 4, 2019 at 9:19 am

    To be surrounded with children, always it’s gives u unconditional pleasure,& they are also push us to do more great things on our life which will makes us more responsible as a citizen.

  • prabhakar n
    May 4, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    hi Ashok Raj,
    A very well drafted content,The thought of learning from your our mentees is defenitely praiseworty. wish u and ur team a good health and god speed.

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