Volunteer Den: Aruna Muthusamy

  1. Get to know me!

I came to Detroit, The United States of America, in 2011 and started working as an Engineer. I like to keep occupied and my small baby makes sure of this. I am an outgoing person who just loves to have fun with friends. 

  1. My work in Bhumi!

I joined Bhumi’s 1st Volunteer Batch in Chennai which initially had only 10-15 members. I volunteered as a teacher with 5 other people who eventually grew up to be my very close friends to date. I was later promoted to Centre Head in Chennai but it did not interfere with my passion for teaching children. Furthermore, acted as HR Manager to recruit volunteers from various colleges, and even participated in fundraising. 

  1. One thing that Bhumi taught me!

The one, most special thing that Bhumi has taught me is that nothing is impossible and work can be fun too. Working at Bhumi made me realise that if you have an interest in something and you are passionate about that, you will always have fun doing that job and can never get bored. No idea was ever rejected at Bhumi. We all kept trying, improvising our ideas, engaging in both serious and fun discussions. 

  1. My memorable experience at Bhumi!

I, along with other volunteers, used to plan out the course outline for the students for the next 2 months. We used to go to a small tea place at Siruvani in Chennai, order some snacks to munch on while discussing and the clock used to strike 11 p.m. without us even realizing. We stayed up late brainstorming with friends. It was a perfect blend of working and having fun. 

  1. Achievement/ remarkable footprint in life!

I consider volunteering at Bhumi the time of my life. I learned a lot here which has made a great impact on my life and how I look forward to things in the future. 

  1. Special Moments with kids and any shoutouts for other volunteers or your friends!

I remember teaching a class of 6 students and there was a boy who was a little naughty but eventually started learning. So one day a family came to celebrate their daughter’s birthday with the kids and very unexpectedly the boy went up to the girl and talked in proper English. That was shocking yet we all felt very proud of that boy. 

I would like to give a shoutout to a few of my fellow batchmates: Nandhini, Mahesh, Rohini, Vivek, Vijayanand, Mini Jain, all Volunteers, the Course Support group, and HR group.

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