Volunteer Den: Ajitesh Raj

Get to know me ! 

I am an Engineer by qualification and a Lecturer by profession.Currently am working in Government Industrial Training Institute in Patna. I live in Danapur, Patna.

My work in Bhumi

My volunteering journey in Bhumi began in 2017 and since then have been Bhumian, volunteering and contributing towards transforming India.

I was instrumental in establishing the Patna chapter and am currently the City Coordinator of Bhumi in Patna.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen?

I was actively seeking opportunities to help me give back to my community in whatever way possible, that’s when I came to know about the volunteering work in Bhumi through a friend of mine who was volunteering in the Mumbai Chapter of Bhumi, since then there has been no looking back!

What did Bhumi teach you? What is the one thing Bhumi taught you in life?

After being a part of Bhumi for the last 4 years I can confidently conclude that volunteering helps oneself discover, reflect, and grow as an individual as much as it helps the community. Bhumi provides a wonderful platform for all its volunteers to learn and lead. I have imbibed immense leadership skills after joining Bhumi, although I am a lecturer and my day-to-day responsibilities include working with students and motivating them, I am only able to do this well now because of Bhumi. As a leader in Bhumi, I learned the art of managing people, building a team, and working towards a common goal. Now I can easily organise various programs with any age group of people and make it a success.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you personally?

Being a part of Bhumi, I have been able to expand my network. I have found like-minded friends from all over and I experienced the culture and diversity of our India while volunteering with different teams.

Memorable experience in Bhumi.

I have collected such varied experiences in Bhumi and each of them is remarkable and memorable. It is difficult to specify only one.

Events like Daan Utsav( clothes distribution), Ganga Clean Up Drive, Paws ( care for animals), Think Green ( seed ball making), Care for Elders , Self Defence Training Workshops, Right to Education Drive, Traffic Awareness they all have been milestones for me in my volunteering journey.

Any achievement/ remarkable footprint in your life.

Volunteering in Bhumi gave me chance to be a speaker in a panel discussion organised by UNICEF, during the COVID lockdown. I had never imagined myself speaking in front of such a prestigious panel, I felt proud and humbled at the same time for this opportunity. Thank you, Bhumi for helping us give back while giving us so much!

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