Visual learning to connect the dots

Rithika Ramesh, an enthusiastic marketer during the weekdays, and a volunteer during the weekends is a part of our English project in Chennai. She insists on the importance of visual learning for children and how it can help retention and engagement for the children. It helps them decode the lessons and imagine what’s next! 

Here Rithika describes her experience with visual learning and how it helps to connect the dots.

“Silas Marner, by George Eliot, was a nightmare for most of our class in grade XII. Our English teacher tried her best to drill the specifics of the story into our heads but in vain. With exams fast approaching, I had to find out a way to remember all the details in the 108-page book. I managed to find a movie version of the book and suggested screening it at school. 

It worked wonders! It was fun, and most importantly, a visual learning process. We vividly remembered the characteristics of every character and excelled in our tests. 

Taking inspiration from this personal experience, we incorporate visual pedagogy every class, helping children retain different words and sounds, and at the same time, provide digital experience and exposure”.

Visual learning helps to pave the way for holistic growth which surfaces in the form of improved concentration and retention. It is suited for all types of learners and can spark imagination and creativity in children. With the advancement of technology, it is very easy now to employ visual learning techniques in the classroom. At Bhumi, we consistently encourage this way of teaching which can help our children to learn better.”

Wordsmith: Rithika Ramesh (Volunteer, Chennai)

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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  • Latharamesh
    November 28, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    New way of teaching and learning… Good for coming generation…

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