Virtual Stepathon by Paypal Volunteers

Stride with Pride to provide for the Low-income Communities during this Pandemic! Virtual Stepathon by PayPal Employee Volunteers!

This temporary lockdown has had permanent effects on the less privileged and most vulnerable segment of the community – the daily wagers and the migrant workers. In discussions of the pandemic to date, their sufferings have only played a marginal role.

In the wake of this, the world needs a voice. It needs action. It needs change. It needs you. In addition to our COVID relief efforts, we organized a Virtual Stepathon, encouraging corporate employees to walk a specific number of steps/KMs every day. 


The Virtual Stepathon organized by Bhumi is one of its varied fundraising efforts to provide financial support to daily wage workers and migrant labourers who are affected during the lockdown. The virtual event kicked off with one of our corporate partners – PayPal. The employee volunteers split themselves into 39 teams and named them after different sports such as Basketball, Rugby, Cricket, Football etc. Each of them must clock in a minimum of 5,000 steps a day (approximate 4 KM) for 4 Days. The volunteers record the steps and share a picture with the respective point of contact. 

The amount fundraised via registration fees for the event are utilized towards the famished beneficiaries and their families to give them monetary security during this unprecedented situation. 

The enthusiastic participation from PayPal employee volunteers to support the cause were exhilarating to witness! To put it on a comparison scale, the total distance walked by the 119 volunteers is more than the entire measure of India


Impact In STEPS :


119 EMPLOYEE Volunteers

40,45,579 STEPS

52003 Minutes /866.7 Hours

3,552 KMS Covered

Top Individual Performer of Paypal – Abhilash Thippineni who recorded 1,64,021 steps.

The other top individual performers bagging the 2nd and 3rd place are  T P Reshma – 1,44,775 steps and Parkavi – 86,591 steps respectively. The overall Top Team of Stepathon event was bagged by Team Croquet with a total of 2,89,407 Steps.

“Every Journey begins with a Single Step”! Bhumi thanks PayPal for their steps in the right direction to impact the lives of the underprivileged towards their livelihood. 


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