Virtual Fun Coding Class

“Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future”

Coding impacts our life and the future of technology in ways we are only beginning to understand. It has become an essential literacy in the digital age. 

Bhumi in collaboration with PayPal Volunteers came up with the idea of conducting a coding session for our community beneficiaries in Grade 9  and 10. Our students from the Skill-Ed program offered these coding classes with the help of PayPal volunteers. Twenty students and 10 volunteers participated in the fun coding event. We moved them into Zoom breakout rooms and two volunteers managed four students. Volunteers then began teaching code through a game. Playing games such as angry bird, Flappy code, Minecraft, and dance party helped them learn to code. During the class, students enjoyed playing games and learned game development. They also went a step ahead and asked about the future opportunities in coding and how it can help them become employable.

“A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”, we feel very grateful that we are slowly but surely enabling a bunch of forward-thinking student leaders. We also thank all the volunteers for their invaluable support in upskilling our children.

Bhumi’s community programme consists of after-school education and activity sessions at our learning centers for children in urban slums. Every community learning center provides a safe and healthy environment to support children with basic skills in literacy and mathematics.

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