Transforming the Education System in India through the Bhumi Fellowship!

Education System during the Ancient Times

India during its ancient times was known for its illustrious history in quality holistic education and life beyond schooling. The famous “Gurukul System” – a form of education, focused on residential holistic schooling for the children developing their intelligence, critical thinking, a sense of discipline, intellect and mindfulness whilst creating positivity and a peace of mind. 

Education System at Present 

The modern system of education was brought to India in the year 1835 by Lord Macauley making it all about the rat race to be ahead of others. The current education system lacks moral conscience and ethical thinking nor other skillsets to equip the cognitive ability of a child. 

Did you know only 40% of India’s youth is employable? “Why” is a question that should arise in one’s mind when our education system focuses heavily on rote memorization thus lacking the 21st century skills to thrive in today’s competitive world.

The Problem

ASER 2019 Report states “Although children’s skills and abilities improve in each subsequent grade, 50.8% in Class III were well behind where they are expected to be by the end of Class I.” Even at age 8, almost 40% of children could not identify all emotions correctly. In nearly 60% of schools, there are less than two teachers to teach Classes I to V. 

The Bhumi Fellowship

The Bhumi Fellowship envisions a child centred education system through the Whole School Transformation Programme leading to delivery of quality education within schools. The fellowship will enable transformation of the Gen-Z Bhumi fellows into education changemakers that, in the long run, post the fellowship, go on to develop education solutions as social entrepreneurs or pursue careers in the education sector leading the next education movement to ensure quality education for all. 

In the year 2019 – 2020, Bhumi’s Whole School Transformation Programme impacted 15 Schools towards an eco-system of improved academic and social skills for the students, increased involvement and leadership skills for the teachers and improved visibility and clear roadmap towards the school’s vision. This year, five of the 15 schools have transitioned into the Bhumi Fellowship model. 

The Puzzle to the Vision!

Over the next three years, the Bhumi fellowship aims to transform 130 schools across 3-4 districts in Tamil Nadu and in 10 years, 1 million children, 1,00,000 teachers and 10,000 school leaders across 5-10 states.

As a first step, we have selected 5 fellows out of 1200+ applications as part of the Bhumi Fellowship.

The Fellows were inducted and trained through a three-week virtual institute.   The next plan of action)for Schools is to equip teachers with e-learning capabilities; help HMS strategize and set goals for the year and support with programme implementation and identify digitization needs for the schools and safety measures for when students return back.

As Swami Vivekananda quotes “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man”. We believe that every child has the ability to become an Aryabhata or a CV Raman or a Har Govind Khorana by imparting the holistic education system/exposure they need through this fellowship. 

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