Skill-Ed: Training on Java Script by TCS volunteers

Bhumi’s Skill-Ed – the Need:

As per the Indian Skill Report-20211, with 1.38 billion citizens, more than half is estimated to be below 26 years of age. This statistic is a reflection of the competition for employment in every industry. Especially in the rapidly growing technological world, the need for digital skills is growing along. As part of Skill-Ed, Bhumi develops technical skills like Web design, Graphic design, Advanced MS Office, and Soft Skills for youth between 18 and 27.

Guest lecture on JavaScript:

We have noticed how technologies as a whole are changing. Based on the Stack Overflow Developer survey 20202, for the seventh year in a row, JavaScript is the most popular programming language and most commonly used worldwide. Around 94.5% of websites use JavaScript. Nowadays, Industries have taken up new forms of technology, requiring qualified personnel to meet the demands of their business functionality.

A guest lecture was conducted on Javascript by an internationally renowned IT service company TCS. Ten volunteers from the organization assisted 40 students in developing their skills. Volunteers discussed how javascript had helped them in their work and their professional careers. Furthermore, they taught basic to advanced level functions in Javascript. Students were able to learn as many tasks and functions with just a few lines of code. We take this opportunity to thank TCS volunteers for taking this session more efficiently and helping students get hands-on coding experience.

Students Feedback 

“The volunteers gave the exact information that we need for our career. I had a good opportunity to learn javascript. Thank you, Bhumi.”

Arul David, Skill-Ed student.

“ I am happy about attending this session as I learned a lot about Javascript. The volunteers were very friendly, making it easy to understand the topics.” – Priyadharshini, Skill-Ed Student

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We at Bhumi are committed to handhold the youth of our country, and support them in becoming job-ready through our skill programs. Refer someone you know who can benefit from this or apply if you are seeking similar opportunities.

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