The journey of an Eco-Champ volunteer

Eco-Champs is a volunteer-driven program of Bhumi, to inculcate eco-friendly habits among school-going children in their day-to-day life.

The program is designed to encourage students to connect with the environment through various activities, which aim to instigate behavioral changes that emphasize the need for environmental preservation through eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

 Here is a vivid testimonial from one of our passionate volunteers Agnija.

“I volunteered for this program at the beginning of season 2. This is quite an intriguing program. Your main responsibility is to teach school children about sustainable development. Every school you take up is a project on its own! To start, one needs to communicate with the school stakeholders, then strategise & plan the sessions, This leads to continuous brainstorming on interesting and engaging ways to conduct the activities for the school children. 

The content for this program is built with a lot of passion. Every session we conduct strikes a chord with the children & engages them greatly. 

Human civilization started as a group of hunter-gatherers. We have now come a long way with a gigantic leap of transformation. In this process, we have knowingly or unknowingly damaged the beauty of mother nature, but all of this imbalance created in our environment can be restored with our responsible actions and slightly altered way of living. This is what we conveyed to the students in our very first session on Interconnectedness and kick-started the subsequent sessions on waste segregation, composting, gardening, EcoLab & community project.

In addition to the engaging content what enticed me to join this program was the possibility of interacting with students in their classrooms. This posed as a chance to revisit my own school life. The scholarly classrooms, cheerful children, big prayer halls, and joyous playgrounds, every session of Eco Champs in this positive environment was a memory in itself!

This was a win-win for me – while I taught, I learned even more! 

Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Bhumi, as a platform, enables over 20,000 volunteers across 10 cities in India for causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare. Sign up to donate blood and spread awareness:

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