The journey is the reward

“The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.”

I always knew I wanted to be more socially conscious. It was just a matter of finding a cause that resonated within me1, and Bhumi provided that platform. Bhumi represents the possibility of bringing about change for thousands of children, not only in India but eventually also around the world.

With a small project you have a better overview of all the happenings. You know all the people working there, and you can really see the improvement among the children and the community. I am convinced that we are heading in the right direction with this to bring about change.

It’s been 18 months with Bhumi, and it has been an amazing experience thus far. I really feel privileged to be able to give back to the society in my own small way, by empowering young leaders to develop their ideas into larger frameworks. I have met some amazing people at Bhumi. They’re not individuals I would have normally met in my routine day-to-day life, and they’re from really different backgrounds; I’ve made some good friends.

Last week a small group of volunteers and I celebrated Diwali with more than 150 children of DMRC Children’s Home. We celebrated this festival of joy by distributing sweets, snacks, etc., and having an interactive session with them. We gathered the kids for our first activity, an interactive game to help us get to know each other. With each passing activity, we were able to break the ice and thus create a friendly environment. We got to know a lot about them, such as their favorite colors, what they like to do, or what animals they like, and other such info. They got to know us as well, and we were pleasantly surprised to be with such happy and lively kids with whom we could get along easily. Once we finished introducing each other, we formed several groups based on the activities the kids wanted to play.

This entire experience was really one of the most rewarding and fulfilling events we’ve had. It was an afternoon spent with fun and games, and getting to know the children a little better; by the end of the visit, we learnt most of their names and they had learnt ours. It was just a 2-3 hour activity with the kids, but these memories will definitely last a lifetime in my heart!

Special shout out and thanks to our volunteers Sonam, Aakash, Naini, Kajal and Shivam. Additionally thanks to the staff of this wonderful place, for motivating us to interact with the children and encouraging us to be a positive role model in their lives.

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  • Gogul
    November 28, 2015 at 7:08 am

    That is true. I’ve felt the same way about volunteering with Bhumi. Certainly drives you to do more. For those smiles. 🙂

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