The goodness of engaging with nature: Children with special needs thoroughly enjoy!

Eco-Champs turned a fresh chapter as it joined hands with Chettinad Shrihari Vikasam School for children with special needs. 

When the Principal, Meena Chandrasekar shared her vision to have a zero-waste school campus and impart the learning to the 70-odd children with special needs, the Eco-Champs team sat down to brainstorm about  a sensitive and hands on intervention design.

One of our volunteers, Swarna Sundari, a Special Educator helped us devise the content keeping in mind the engagement of all 5 senses. For instance, for a session on afforestation, the students were made to practically see and feel the process of germination to its fruition through live examples of brinjal seeds, its sapling and finally the vegetable itself. 

After learning the process, their excitement to become a part of the army building a green planet grew manifold. The children out of their innate curiosity about the future of seed balls requested to keep some of the seedballs with themselves and supervise its fruition as well as carry them to their native villages during Diwali break to distribute amongst their extended family. 

The next step was an experiential session on waste segregation where the students were facilitated to do self reflection about the materialism in our lives, the need to cut down on waste using the 3 R’s – reuse, reduce and recycle and also add 3 other R’s like repair, refuse and recover in our practices. Moreover we also installed green, red and blue bins to help them execute waste segregation in their school premises

We will soon be installing a Kamba pot in the school to convert the wet waste into manure, which can be used in setting up a kitchen garden.

With the teacher’s alignment, dedication and proactiveness, we aim to shape the students of this school into an army of aware students becoming drivers of change in the society.

Wordsmith: Aakanksha Kumari, Changedriver

Eco-Champs programme of Bhumi inspires children to connect with the environment, and induce behavioral change in them to adopt sustainable living practices.

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