The Facilitator Feature

A facilitator of the School Transformation Programme at Bhumi is a change facilitator who works directly with children, teachers and school leaders, and indirectly with school processes and structures.

S/he plays the role of a guide, a mentor and a friend to the children, and always has the fervor to learn. This is what our facilitators had to say.


“I have a passion for teaching because I want to raise lifelong learners. Kids are adorable when they’re free to be themselves, and being the jovial person that I am, I treasure those moments. I want every child to have a positive school experience. I want to prove that the true understanding of life isn’t measured by a test, but in the way we treat others. Children can feel like every teacher’s objective is to make teaching harder than it already is. I wanted to change that perception. I kept in mind my reasons for choosing this wonderful, yet challenging job: It is a mutual endless loop of knowledge sharing.

– Aswanth


“Teaching is the most prestigious job in the world. Wealth that is shared will eventually diminish. However, if education is shared, it benefits everyone involved and improves their knowledge. The word Guru, derived from the Sanskrit language, has two syllables. ‘GU’ means ignorance and ‘RU’ means abolition of darkness.  Teaching has been my passion ever since I was 12. Being inspired by my 8th grade teacher who was caring, attentive, uplifting and very open with her students, I’ve wanted to help the children not only by giving them knowledge about the respective subject, but also by providing them with a holistic development. A facilitator offers everyone in the group the chance to express their ideas and feel like they are a part of a team. This is what I wished to do, and Bhumi transformed that wish into reality.”

– Kala


“For many are called, but few are chosen.

As the biblical phrase states, I have been ‘chosen’ as a facilitator. Society needs change, and that change can only be brought about by enhancing children’s knowledge. A facilitator’s job is to motivate and push everyone to think at their best. He/She creates an environment where everyone is encouraged to participate, understand each other’s point of view and share responsibilities. In doing so, it helps the children look for solutions to challenging problems and build sustainable agreements. A successful facilitator embodies respect for others and is aware of the many possible layers to a person. Effort must be put in to transform society one step at a time, starting at the grassroot level, for change doesn’t happen overnight. I am from society –  for the students, by my teachers. “

“இதனை இதனால் இவன்முடிக்கும் என்றாய்ந்து

அதனை அவன்கண் விடல். “ ,  translated to

“Identify the right person, who will accomplish the task in 

the best possible manner and assign it to him.”

– Gnanapushpam


“For School Transformation Programme, the facilitator is one who is accepted by all stakeholders of the school, substantively neutral with little decision-making authority, and helps them collectively improve the day-to-day operations of the school, while building on the long-term vision. So, it’s a humble opportunity to work with various type of people. As a facilitator, I take initiatives and get involved in projects that develop my skills and profile further.  Not everyone is blessed with this opportunity, so I am truly grateful.”

– Lakshmi


“Being a facilitator isn’t just about teaching. It is about interacting with the kids and encouraging them to do what they want to do; and this is what I love doing. . Children have no inhibitions and that’s a quality I admire in them. I want every child to have a positive school experience. I’ve always wanted to share my love towards learning with the children. I’m grateful for being in this profession because I don’t think any other profession in the world gives you as much happiness as watching a person grow. I believe that I can make children lead the way to their future for a better world.”

– Sunil Mithran T K


 “Knowledge is not about developing ourselves. Rather, it’s about sharing and spreading the knowledge that we possess” – This are words of my teacher that pulled me towards teaching. I have immense passion for teaching. However, as I am not entirely qualified to be a teacher, I couldn’t get into the teaching sector. As a facilitator, I can be a teacher cum supporter to explore various ways and actions that can support children’s lives. A facilitator can imagine, initiate, improve, innovate and create an impact on many lives.

So, I’m proud to say

I’m a Facilitator,




Impact Creator.”

– Praveens


“To serve society and to be a good educator, one needn’t be in a position of authority. This hit me after I became a facilitator. I wanted to become one because I wanted to connect myself with society; and to change society, one must be ready to change. I strongly believe in that statement. After taking up this role, my responsibilities have become clearer. However, I believe there is always room for improvement and more to learn and to keep getting better, as a facilitator.”

– Thenmozhi


“Rather than setting up one thousand poor feeding centres, erecting ten thousand temples and engaging in charity

which could bring shining glory to you, giving education to a deserving child is a greater service to god.”

– Viji


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