The Bright Side of the Pandemic – Virtual Tour for Children by Corporate Volunteers

The optimist sees opportunity in every Difficulty!

In today’s unprecedented situation, Time is the most valuable and sparse thing we have. Though the world and our routines/plans have come to a standstill, teams have been switching their approach to digital means and finding opportunity in every obstacle thrown. 

One such approach is the “Virtual Tour” by Bhumi’s Corporate Volunteering Team. Corporate Volunteers create spaces for Children to go through Virtual tours around the world via virtual touring. This aims to help the beneficiaries have a new experience and engage them especially during this pandemic where they are disconnected with the world and their peers.

At Bhumi we always want our beneficiaries to have the exposure they need, explore the world, and gain multifaceted knowledge. We have established this successfully through various engagements in Corporate Volunteering. . 

The Volunteers connect through a platform such as Zoom with the beneficiaries and share the Virtual 360-degree contents available over multiple platforms.

The Volunteers are mapped to the beneficiaries by Bhumi based on the number of volunteers and language preference. Bhumi provides an orientation session for the corporate volunteers before the event. Volunteers then have a small interactive ice-breaking session with the beneficiaries before taking them on the virtual tour so that the children feel comfortable. At the end of the tour, volunteers have a quiz session/Q&A session with the children to understand the impact of the tour.

Thus far, we have engaged 140 Volunteers from 7 Corporates benefitting 341 under-privileged children through the Virtual Tour Event. 

We look forward to more such fruitful engagements with our Corporate partners as well as putting a joyous smile on our beneficiaries’ faces!

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