The best therapist has fur and four legs!

At Bhumi’s Pune city chapter, one of the cardinal parts of Catalyse is Paws, where animal-lovers come together for the betterment of our furry friends. Events include animal adoption drives, cleaning and deworming animals, shelter visits, etc. and JEEVRAKSHA ANIMAL SHELTER VISIT is at the heart of our Paws team!

Jeevraksha houses around 80 dogs, most of whom are abandoned or injured and the Paws team visits this space the fourth weekend of every month.

Last weekend (September 29, 2019), a team of around 25 volunteers, cleaned up the shelter, beautified it by clearing debris from the ground, and fed and medicated the dogs. Along with the groundwork, the team also managed to raise Rs 2,000 from friends and family by raising awareness about animal welfare. This was used to buy 50 kg of rice and 2 litres of phenyl for the shelter home.

Such weekend volunteering not just makes us close with animals, but also provides the team with an opportunity to connect with new volunteers who are eager to help their four-legged buddies!

The volunteers, as always, are pumped to join in for a cause so close to their hearts! Don’t these happy faces say it all? 🙂

Contributor: Ira Satvalekar, Volunteer (Pune)

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