Swept with Joy – One about Teacher’s day

“Teaching is the most influential profession in the world. Teachers are known to shape young minds; and one’s existence in this world is questionable without possessing knowledge. Teachers also imparts good values in children and turns them into responsible citizens.

A facilitator like me should be a good teacher and a guide who pulls every student forward, opens their mind and touches their heart. Having spent three months in General Cariappa Higher Secondary School, Saligramam, I hadn’t expected to see this much of love and care from my children on Teacher’s Day (Sept 5, 2018).


I observed that children had put in enormous effort to show their respect and love for teachers, but little did I expect to be left overwhelmed by their gestures! To my surprise,they showered me with wishes and presents (mostly handmade), which were adorable.  The experience was equally touching for other teachers too – like when one of the teachers. I have never seen share a laugh exclaimed in happiness how much she was touched by her children’s gesture.


I would like to quote a line from Thirukkural,


Which translates to,

“You meet with joy, with pleasant thought you part;
Such is the learned scholar’s wondrous art!”

It is the duty of the learned to give joy to those whom he meets, and on parting, to make them think.”

– Sunit Mithran T K, Facilitator, Whole School Transformation programme




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