Swachh Bharat @ Kempegowda bus station | Daan Utsav 2016

Sharing the joy of giving and celebrating Daan utsav is a national wide awareness campaign. On 2nd of October 2016 Daan utsav initiative was held in Bangalore.  In collaboration with Let’s be the change organisation, BMTC authority of Bangalore and college students, Bhumi was part of Swachh Bharat campaign in Kempegowda bus station. More than 150 volunteers, students took part in this huge cleaning awareness campaign.

It was Sunday, city traffic yet be bustle with vehicle noise and sun was about to stretch his wings over the silicon city.  Around 7 AM a bunch of youngsters were gathered to make an impact for a noble cause. In those eyes I was able to witness the energy, happiness and courage to bring some changes in the society.

It was how exactly happened, we around 33 volunteers from Bhumi were joined the group.  The hosting team was identified 8 spot within 4 km radius. Team were made into groups in such a manner that each organisation can work in allotted spot. All the painting and brushing materials was distributed to the teams.

Spot 7 and 4 was allotted to Bhumians. We were asked to re paint the pedestrian walk ways/ platforms.  The colour of paint was green and yellow.

We started to enjoy our work. During this course I was able to witness many of changes in the passengers and as well as public. Many of senior citizens enquired about our work and appreciated. Bus drivers and conductors happily took selfies with us. The overall support from the public was outstanding.

None of the volunteers expressed tiredness or need of rest. Around 2 pm we were provided with lunch. Post lunch team again continued with our task.

Mean time few of local media came and recognised our contribution to the society. Also it was published.

Around 4 PM we were able finish the task. In terms of organisation promotion we requested the host team to provide a place. By the god grace, we got the good place to promote Bhumi. The symbol of Bhumi and one of its core cause was painted in a wall.

Till the end of work, the smile on the Bhumians face was never shaded. Finally, we shared our regards to each other and all were mobilized to reach their home safely.


– Vinod Kumar.M

Operations Executive, Bhumi, Bengaluru


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