Summer Camp at Bholagiri

Pune – Bholagiri, a centre where the kids are full of energy and enthusiasm and the volunteers full of motivation and devotion, made the most of the summer break.

Bholagiri (2)All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, keeping this in mind the active volunteers arranged for a month long Summer Camp wherein a number of activities were conducted for the kids between 18th April and 22nd May 2016. The vision was clear – Nurture every inquisitive mind, Discover everyone’s talent!

We started off with the dancing, singing, paper folding, and colouring sessions, we could see the artist in every child. The kids not just enjoyed but grabbed this opportunity to showcase the creativity in them.

The next set of activities that were held were more of knowledge enhancing. The volunteers told stories about the prehistoric life, dinosaurs, how earth evolved, and how continents formed, among many topics. Additionally games like Hangman, Word-search, Find your opposite were played.

Bholagiri (3)The biggest hit activity was the “Fun with Biscuits” session. The kids put colourful toppings on Monaco and Krackjack biscuits and then relished them. The main idea was to give them an experience of making your own food, which was completely alien for them until now.

Personality Development sessions were also taken every Saturday which covered aspects like grooming, team building, leadership qualities, sportsman spirit, goal setting and public speaking. The response received from the kids for these sessions were overwhelming. They really took away a lot from this.

Bholagiri (4)On the day, titled “Midsummer Party”, we had a get together of all the summer camp volunteers, kids and their talents, aimed at displaying the result of their hard work during the Summer Camp period. The session was coordinated entirely by the kids this time. From the decoration to the food and management, they nailed it all. Drawings were put up, dance performances were presented, speeches were given, food was prepared, and no doubt there was loads of fun.

The happy and satisfied faces of the kids and the line: “Didi aap roz aao” (Sister, come everyday) proved that we did leave an impact. It was a very big learning experience for all the volunteers as well.

– Chaitali Ladikkar

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