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 Audio Books Recording for the Blind Boys of Ramkrishna Mission,Narendrapur

FB_IMG_1466156157332Homer, Hellen Kellar, Ray Charles, Aldoux Huxley and these boys have it in common. The Blind Boys Academy of Ramkrishna Mission shelters hundreds of boys with visual impairment, in Narendrapur, the south corner of the Kolkata. It was May 2016, when a bunch of Bhumi Volunteers got the opportunity of recording audio books for these children, who needed the books for continuing their studies. Whole books for subjects like English, Bengali, History, Geography, Social Science, Project Workbooks and Guidebooks were taken up by us. The activity happened from 11AM to 4PM daily and was completed in 10 days. Mr Biswajit Ghosh, the principal of RKM Blind Boys Academy, being visually impaired himself, supported and encouraged the initiative, and made us feel comfortable from day one. The centre had its own recording studio where we actively participated and did an amazing task. The management was very happy with our participation, appreciated the whole activity and invited the whole set of volunteers for one of their cultural meets in their premises. A great experience for Bhumi Kolkata Family!

Health Camp For Children in Madhyamgram – Suburbs get a Glow

FB_IMG_1466156119694On 15th of May, Bhumi Volunteers decided to take up activities in the suburbs of Kolkata. The Catalyse (Bhumi’s civic initiative)volunteers went to a place called Madhyamgram and actively conduct a health camp drive in the locality. About 50 children and several young mothers went through a general health check-up under the supervision of two leading doctors of the city – Dr.SaikatChakrabarti and Dr. Sujata Chakrabarti.  Many children had eye infections and certain eye problems, and others were found to have common flu, cough, skin infections, and signs of malnutrition.  Westarted the camp at 8AM and closed it around 1PM, which was followed by distribution of crayons, drawing books, and chocolates for those little hearts who participated. The prescriptions written by the doctors were taken back by them and wereextremely by arranging the medicines themselves. During our second visit, we distributed each medicine as per the prescription. A heartfelt thanks to the doctors, the whole Bhumi Kolkatafamily for supporting this initiative. Above all, we are grateful to Mr. Mallik, an active Catalyse volunteer, with whom everything was made possible.

Lake Clean Up Drive with Stopwatch – How much do you care?

FB_IMG_1466156023619On 29th of May, Bhumi Kolkata team in collaboration with Stopwatch – a group of fresh and lively youngsters, took a dynamic participation in cleaning up the RabondraSarobar Area in South Kolkata. The clean-up drive started in the morning at 8AM. We picked up hundreds of polythene bags, plastic bottles, soda cans, packets of biscuits, chips and other eatables, cups, newspapers, torn cloth, and other non-biodegradable objects from the area. Municipal trucks were there to help the team and dozens of trash cans were filled up and taken for recycling. Around noon,during the conclusion of this drive, the team decided to repeat this activity in a monthly procedure. Additionally we decided on planting new saplings in areas, along with message boards to prevent the general visitors from littering.  The Lake or the Sarobar in South Kolkata is a beautiful place and to keep it clean is the responsibility of every citizen. Needless to mention, for every Bhumian who participated along with Stopwatch – it was a moment of self-satisfaction and happiness.

– Sabitri Sanyal

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