Skill-Ed: Assesment Model

In every classroom, some kids are eager to contribute and those who are afraid to do so. It can be challenging to pull students into discussions who are reluctant to offer their voices, whether they are shy, like thinking for a long time before contributing or simply having a terrible day.

In Bhumi’s Skill-Ed programme, 100 to 150 students who were initially very active, became very reluctant as days passed by. Their response seemed to decline each day. We had a feeble response from the students for the task that we gave. Students found our classes no different from schools and felt nothing was further from their regular online classes. 

 “If we could try to understand students rather than punish them, teaching would be a whole lot easier.”

We introduced a star table system (a reward system) to stimulate learning and motivate good behaviour. Students earn stars for attending the classes regularly and completing the tasks on time. This move ignited the student’s interest and raised their participation in the everyday classroom tasks, responsibilities and learning. Even if a student misses the class due to unavoidable reasons, they reach out to us and make sure that their doubts are cleared to do their task effectively. A lot of students actively engaged in the class after this.

Some of the students shared that the classes are exciting because of the stars, which motivates them to do their tasks regularly. Thus implementation of reward points created a healthy and competitive way of learning for them.  We are conducting virtual coaching classes for Tamilnadu 9th and 10th govt school students.

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