Seva Sandwich Drive, New Delhi

IMG_0975On a cold winter morning in Delhi, probably one of the coldest in January, 72 individuals clutching bags of bread and vegetables, surrounded by empty cardboard boxes and plastic containers, huddled around in an attempt to transform this cold day into one of the warmest days Delhi would see this winter.

This endeavour, a Seva Sandwich drive, the second undertaking of its kind by Bhumi volunteers. The last time we organized this drive, we prepped and distributed about 700 sandwiches, and ended up receiving twice the number of smiles!

IMG_0976This time we proactively increased the target to 1,000 sandwiches. 72 people, a 1000 sandwiches and limited time – sounded like a good recipe for chaos. Could we successfully organize ourselves and meet our target? The enthusiasm and excitement that rose among us was palpable, but would that be enough?

What is the adage, that too many cooks spoil the broth? Well it seems that this does not apply to sandwiches, because the 72 pair of hands set to work, and in just 2-and-a-half hours we managed to churn out 1300 sandwiches! A surplus 300 sandwiches, and the volunteers were bound in an inexpressible exhilaration.

IMG_1050The atmosphere of fun settled quickly, because the real work was yet to begin. Soon we began distributing the packets of sandwiches, along with dollops of warm wishes and smiles at a nearby slum dwelling/colony and in the heart of this freezing city – Connaught Place, to the cold and hungry people in the streets.

Alas it was end of the day, and dawn to dusk seemed to pass away quickly. Everyone coolly pocketed their payment, the priceless six-figure payment of S-M-I-L-E-S and returned home. Alas all the volunteers were at a joyous peace, having left the city and some of its citizens a little warmer and happier.IMG_1011


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