Run for Bhumi – Our volunteer champions, 2015

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon has assumed a stature of eminence, being the largest single charity and philanthropic sporting event in India. Each year, more than 200 NGOs participate in the event and raise funds for their respective organizations. Many participants use the event as a reason to give back to their society and the underprivileged. The run is on Sunday, January 18.

Image1Dr. Madhu Shankar G: “Education is the key to many doors. It empowers people, it breaks down shackles, it gives wings to dreams, it encourages dreams, it fosters independence. Education is the answer to lots of social problems we are facing now. I am a medico who is on the run. Child education has always been a cause close to my heart as I always believe change has to come at grass root level.” Read further on Dr. Madhu Shankar’s fundraising page

Dr.Prahalathan KKDr. Prahalathan KK: “I am one the co-founders of Bhumi. I am running in the 10KM run at the Republic Day Half Marathon in Chennai to raise five lakhs for Bhumi. For every lakh I raise for our cause I pledge to be stay vegetarian for a month.” Read further on Dr.Prahalathan’s fundraising page


2 replies on “Run for Bhumi – Our volunteer champions, 2015”

  • Vijay Gunasekaran
    December 31, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    I’m wondering why the run4bhumi marathon hasn’t been elucidated significantly enough to garner more participants.
    Perhaps I’ve not stumbled upon the right pages ?


    • Prahalathan
      January 15, 2015 at 5:07 pm

      Hello Vijay, There is no specific Run4Bhumi Marathon. The Mirchi Run in Chennai was to support Bhumi. Bhumi volunteer/supporter can Run for Bhumi at any Marathon.

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