Yantra: Robotics Expo by children – January 2015

35 children from six of our learning centres participated in a Robotics expo in Chennai on January 25, 2015. The children had earlier participated in a two week workshop by volunteers from Bhumi and Dwengo (Belgium) and made their own robots. Here are the results of their enthusiasm and tireless efforts. The UDAVI Project is a winner of Google Rise 2014.

Scorpion – A robot that runs on all terrains

Image 01 Image 02Garbage picker – An automated robot that picks up garbage in its way and drops it at a predefined point

Image 03 Image 04Buggy – A four legged bug robot that walks

I01 I02Light controlled waste dump robot – A semi–automated garbage cleaner that picks up and drops garbage depending upon the lightI01

I02Light Eater – A simple light following robot


I02The Phoenix – A robot that flaps the wings at a speed depending upon the light intensity

I01 I02Line Tracer – A robot that follows a black line on the floor



 Collision avoiding art-bots – A robot that traces its path on white paper and forms patterns by avoiding obstacles in the course



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