Reflecting on the past and the present to make the future better

Bhumi is a volunteer-driven organisation and it’s essential that we connect periodically to keep us motivated, energised and in-sync.

Ignite’s Mathematics Project in Bengaluru had organised a Center Coordinators (CC) Meet on September 21, 2019. Conceptualised during an earlier leadership workshop, the CC meeting turned out to be an amazing day for those present. It was an interactive platform for the volunteers to know each other in a more relaxed setting while engaging in project updates, re-assessing teaching methodologies, and reflecting on simple yet often neglected aspects of curriculum delivery. 

Volunteers were encouraged to provide honest feedback on all aspects of the project and share ideas that might be beneficial for the future. We also laid down detailed short-term and long-term plans for the project. 

The highlight of the evening was Vikram Sridhar who was invited to conduct a storytelling session/workshop. Vikram is a Storyteller and a Theater Practitioner who has spoken in several TEDx events.

Through his stories, Vikram sensitised our volunteers on children’s behaviour and how social aspects and upbringing play a role in children’s behaviour and learning

He put a modern spin on the classic Lion and Mouse story. Asking individuals to build on the story, by interacting and picking sentences from each person, he got us to challenge the construction of the original story! He incorporated Math by asking how many legs/whiskers/tails did the lion and mouse have and built on the concept to help us learn how this could be implemented in our classes. 

He also discussed children’s attention span and the effective use of sensory inputs – like which senses dominate, which senses are diminished and why— it was thought-provoking to learn that since children are still growing, their senses are not fully developed and when we volunteers, for instance, speak in a voice/tone that is not audible enough, children lose focus and have difficulty in understanding.

Thank you Harshini, Imran and Khusbhu for organising the event so diligently. I really appreciate the patience and commitment to making this happen. The event  was thoroughly interesting.” ~ Pratyusha, Centre Coordinator and participant 

We hope to continue these kinds of meetings in the future to help our project become better while having fun with our fellow volunteers. Our payback was certainly the smiling faces we saw at the end of the session, gleaming with confidence to teach Maths more efficiently and handle the project with utmost diligence. 

Contributor: Mohammed Imran Kunjan, Volunteer (Bengaluru)

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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