Quarnival: Optimism in a time of pandemic!

The coronavirus pandemic has rattled the world and suddenly our routines have come to a pause. While adults find ways to engage themselves during this lockdown such as working from home, assignments, chores, workout, Netflix etc., it is a challenge for children to stay indoors (in this case, 17 days) and keeps them engaged especially without friends.

In the technology paced world, opportunities are never limited hence, amidst the chaos, the volunteers and ignite team found a way to adapt and engage the children from shelter homes to a fun-filled virtual event called Quarnival – Quarantine Carnival (Nakshatra Online), a festival of recognizing talents through arts and activities conducted via Zoom or Hangouts App. 53 children from 7 centres in Pune participated across events such as storytelling, elocution, recitation, singing etc which took place for 4.5 hours. The operations team guided the children and helped in setting up the app and managed the entire session of Zoom on the day of the event. The winning homes are Sumati, Sneh Foundation, SSS Wadgaonsheri, Matruchaya Dighi and Arise. 

The team supported efforts such as event rules, judging criteria and promotional messages and posters for getting volunteers as well as raising funds.

This was a great way for the volunteers to engage with their children and also check if online end year assessments were feasible to conduct. Initially, when other centre managements were approached for conducting assessments and delivering content online, the response was not all that positive due to the sudden shift to a digital platform but Quarnival event was a success and hence proved the possibility of exploring such initiatives to keep the engine on. This would help in finishing end year assessments and classes.

The key highlights and feedback received for the event by the stakeholders were that it felt like a mini Nakshatra Online (Annual Talent Fest) and this gave an opportunity for everyone to sit through and watch the performance in Quarnival, unlike Nakshatra where the teams split up and are occupied amongst the assigned teams.

The concept was astounding and a huge shout out goes to all the volunteers and team for proactively communicating and coordinating till D-Day. We hope to pave more such opportunities on a wider scope engaging more children, volunteers and shelter homes.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” —Sun Tsu

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  • Shrutigontla
    April 21, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    Amazing ✨

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