Painting schools for improved learning

Schools that are clean, green, colourful, and welcoming ignite the love for learning in children. However, not every school is privileged to offer such a space. That is where Bhumi’s Ignite+ program comes in – as a bridge between the needy (low income & government schools) and the willing (corporate employees).

Building as a Learning Aid, or BaLA as it is now popularly known, is about creating such possibilities for learning, triggering the child’s imagination, and instilling a sense of wonder in them! 

It has been found that fun-filled, aesthetical environment relieves children of boredom and increases constructive use of their time. At the core, BaLA does just this – maximises the educational ‘value’ of a built space while attempting to encompass a holistic view and make learning fun and child-centric. 

Imagine the solar system your teacher was talking about in the science class coming to life on a wall next to your seat. You can now touch the Saturn rings and your Apsara pencil can now be a part of the revolution cycle around the sun along with the other planets!  

How is BaLA impactful?
In children, it can help in developing communication skills, numeracy skills, and the power of observation. In teachers, it can develop a range of tailor-made, easy to use, accessible learning aids.

The willing
Corporate volunteer teams join us in a day of painting and fun to establish that missing sense of wonder back in our schools. The volunteers go back to different concepts they learned in school & represent it beautifully on the classroom walls.  Not just does it rekindle a lot of childhood memories but also proves to be a great team-building exercise! 

Our experience shows that there is innovation in every nook and corner of this country and BaLA gives everyone a unique opportunity to practice it and share it. For BaLA to go to more schools, join us to design, construct and supervise this across India.

Bhumi’s Ignite+ programme supports infrastructure development of low-income schools, shelter homes, and community learning centres. Your organisation can have an impactful volunteer programme too! Visit 

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